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Kasunga Organic farm Often profits from farming are eroded by low prices due to poor quality, inconsistent supply to global market and a poor traceability and tracking system, small holder farmers also lack technical competence in production, processing and timely delivery of agro produce which is a critical requisite for most exported high value agro commodities. It is against this background that Mr and Mrs Saazi started a modernized mixed farm.  Mr & Mrs Saazi are also the proprietors of Nile Fishing Company, the sole distributors of YAMAHA products in Uganda for the last 32 years which has equipped them with a lot of experience in international business.
This has added a great value in their agro business. Kasunga Organic farm which started 25 years ago, covers an area of 1200 acres, comprising of dairy, crop production and agro forestry.  One farm located in Kabarole district where the name KASUNGA Originated , the other farm is located 20 km from kampala off Zirobwe road Luwero  and another in Jinja Kiryowa village.
Kasunga Organic farm started with the aim of exporting and promoting Uganda’s quality fresh and processed organic horticultural products to global market , being a reliable supplier , meeting customers obligation with a sound trace ability system. The farm is equipped with high tech drip irrigation system, green houses and open fields. It employs over fifty permanent workers with (100-200)temporary workers.Who produce,harvest,sort,dry,process and package produce for export.  To ensure that the quality and integrity of all products bought by Kasunga Organic farm in maintained the company has embarked on sensitization and training of potential outgrower farmers on good organic practices. The company has developed a data base for potential outgrower farmers for the purposes of traceability and monitoring . The company policy ensures that the welfare of workers,peacefull co-existence with the surrounding communities is a priority while conserving the environment.

Description of the individual farms:

1. Kiwangula farm is 1-2 hours drive North East of Kampala city. The certified land is 37 acres but only a small fraction is under production, the rest is reserved for future a as the market widens.
The climate is bimodal rainfall pattern, however it has prolonged dry spell during the months of December to mid February, then June to mid August.
The land is gently sloping to the papyrus swamp. A dam has been constructed to be the source of water for irrigation purposes at the farm.
The main crops grown at the farm are hot pepper (habanero), broccoli, turmeric, and apple banana, okra; however more crops are to be introduced as market are identified and widened.
Provisions for drip irrigation are installed on the farm to support al year round crop production.

2. Kasunga farm in Kyenjojo is about 5 hours drive from Kampala city along Kampala Fort Portal high way via Mubende. This farm is situated on hills with point as high as 1560 m above sea level, and 0.3398° N, 32.6308° E. The farm has a bimodal rainfall pattern, and cool most of the months of the year. The main activity is free grazing cattle and goat, the rest of the arable land is under fallow and certified where crops will be established as the market is identified and widened. As the climate is cool, passion fruit production, broccoli are earmarked to be the main crops for certification. Good environmental conservation is implemented on the farm.
3. Kiryoowa farm in Jinja is certified land and is 16 acres; the farm is earmarked for production of vanilla. The land is gently sloping to the papyrus swamp zone of Lake Victoria. Provisions for irrigation during the dry season is in place so as to allow crop production through the year.
4. The soils on all farms are suitable for crop production, with minimum requirement for soil amendments. Manure from Kasunga farm in Kyenjojo is transported to Kiwangula farm to support maintaining the fertility level.

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